Felines & frappés: This Milan café is the cat’s meow

The music is relaxing and the atmosphere cozy. The drinks are delicious and the cakes are tasty. But although those are certainly great features for a café, they aren’t what makes this little Centrale spot shine. Instead, it’s the furry inhabitants that call this establishment home.

Opened in October 2015, Crazy Cat Café brought a concept that has taken off in Asia to Milan – and the Italians were more than ready to embrace it.


The cats have free rein to roam around the café as they please, making themselves comfortable on chairs, climbing onto shelves, and settling onto the laps of customers.


But of course there’s no guarantee you’ll receive star treatment from the felines. This is their home, and you’re their guest. Be sure to be nice to them no matter what – particularly to this one, who only has one eye.


Although the cats are the main attraction, Crazy Cat Café has a lovely array of cakes, sandwiches, coffee drinks (try the ‘catpuccino’), and alcoholic beverages. Sure, you might have to fend off one of the felines in order to eat your cheesecake in peace, but that’s part of the deal.


And don’t worry if your clothes end up with some bonus cat hair – Crazy Cat Café has you covered.



Address: Via Napo Torriani, 5

Lynsey Free

Lynsey Free is founder and editor of Postcards from Milan. As a freelance journalist and copywriter, her work has been published on RT.com, RT television, Sky News, News Corp sites, and MyFox channels. She is based in Milan, Italy.

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Felines & frappés: This Milan café is the cat’s meow

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