Cheers pub brings a touch of Ireland to Italy

No matter where you go in this world, it seems there’s always an Irish pub waiting to serve you a Guinness – and Milan is no exception. Those who enjoy a bit of beer and banter will appreciate Cheers pub, situated in the city’s Casoretto neighborhood.

Named after the famous Boston bar where “everybody knows your name,” Cheers even shares the same logo as the famous 1980s sitcom.

But the Cheers you’ll find in Milan isn’t frequented by a postman named Cliff or a womanizing bartender named Sam. Instead, its regulars consist the beer-loving Milanese who love to pop by for an after-work drink.


The inside is what you might expect – Murphy’s Irish Stout signs and bright green Ireland t-shirts adorn the walls, while lagers are continuously passed across the bar to thirsty clientele.


Cheers maintains a fun vibe without creating an over-the-top St. Patrick’s Day atmosphere, which so many Irish pubs are guilty of doing.

But if you have your mind set on hearty corned beef and potatoes, you’ll find yourself disappointed. Instead, the menu is Italian, offering up piadinas and pizzas. Not exactly traditional Irish fare, but sometimes sacrifices must be made. 


Small plates of cured meats are brought to your table during aperitivo time.

While it likely won’t be winning a gold medal anytime soon, Cheers is good place to gather with friends, a great place to enjoy a beer, and an excellent place to spend March 17th if you happen to be in town.

Address: Via Casoretto, 8

Lynsey Free

Lynsey Free is founder and editor of Postcards from Milan. As a freelance journalist and copywriter, her work has been published on, RT television, Sky News, News Corp sites, and MyFox channels. She is based in Milan, Italy.

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Cheers pub brings a touch of Ireland to Italy

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Cheers pub brings a touch of Ireland to Italy

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