Osteria Crespi: Say ‘buongiorno’ to your new favorite coffee spot

Coffee lovers and Italy have gotten along for centuries, because this is a country that truly loves its java – so much so that it’s seemingly one of the few places in the world without a Starbucks. (A hilarious fact, considering the idea to transform Starbucks from a coffee roaster to a coffeehouse was inspired after the company’s marketing director visited Milan and saw the many cafés lining Piazza del Duomo).

While Italians love to stand at the bar and refuel with a quick espresso, it’s sometimes nice to sit down and relax with a drink that takes a bit longer to sip – and Osteria Crespi, located in the Centrale area, is the perfect place to do just that.

Bring a book, chat to the other customers, or simply watch the exuberant owner tell extremely animated stories with those quintessential hand gestures that Italians are so famous for.


The atmosphere is clean, bright, simple, and old-fashioned, with single red roses lining each table. The wine bottles stacked on the shelves are for sale, and can be enjoyed inside Crespi or elsewhere. The café is located near Parco Trotter, making it a perfect place to pick up a takeaway bottle for a picnic.


A small selection of croissants are available in the morning, or you can enjoy freshly cut meats alongside a glass of wine in the evening.


Osteria Crespi is also surrounded by an outdoor farmer’s market, which means you can stock up on actual grapes after you consume the variety found inside wine bottles. Bonus.latest

Address: Via Pietro Crespi, 14

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Osteria Crespi: Say ‘buongiorno’ to your new favorite coffee spot

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Osteria Crespi: Say ‘buongiorno’ to your new favorite coffee spot

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