Farewell, forks! Eat with your hands at this Eritrean restaurant

Most of us grew up with our mothers telling us the correct way to behave in a restaurant  and one of the basics was to use our utensils instead of our hands. But there’s one establishment in Milan that allows you to throw that convention out the window, replacing forks with fingers. It may sound wrong, but you must embrace it if you’re going to eat Eritrean food.

If you’re wondering where Eritrea is, you wouldn’t be the first person to ask. It’s a tiny country located in the Horn of Africa and bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti (there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of that one either, but we’re not here to teach you geography).

But despite being a tiny country, Eritrea’s cuisine has gigantic flavors. And those flavors can be enjoyed at Savana, a colorful restaurant located in Porta Venezia.


Those familiar with Ethiopian food will notice the two cuisines are quite similar. Meanwhile, those who know nothing of the regional cuisine should most certainly venture out of their comfort zones. Savana is ranked #19 out of 6,366 restaurants in Milan on TripAdvisor, so the chances of enjoying it are quite high.

The menu is small, but the portions are big. Guests can choose between a vegetarian option (€16), a meat option (€17), and a fish option (€24).


No matter which dish you choose, you should expect couscous, lentils, potatoes, a hard-boiled egg, and delicious sauces to accompany the main cuisine.

Everything is served with injera a spongy bread that soaks up the food in a way that makes eating with your hands a lot less messy than it could be.


The dishes are placed on one platter, which makes Eritrean the perfect sharing cuisine. Just think twice before making Savana your choice for a first date…because just as there are no forks allowed, there are also no plates. And no one is at their prettiest with hands covered in food.


Anyone heading to Savana may want to book a table first, especially on weekends. Be patient, as the service is on the slow side (but well worth the wait).

Oh  and on the off chance you take your eyes off your magnificent food, look up at the ceiling. It’s pretty cool.


Address: Via Luigi Canonica, 45

Lynsey Free

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Farewell, forks! Eat with your hands at this Eritrean restaurant

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Farewell, forks! Eat with your hands at this Eritrean restaurant

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