A night at Opera 33: Bar offers potion-like brews & odd curiosities

It’s caught somewhere between Alice and Wonderland and your grandmother’s attic. It’s cluttered, magical, and extremely cozy. It’s a fantasy land in the heart of Isola.

Opera 33 clearly values charm above trend, opting for a mosaic of bric-a-brac that covers almost every spare inch. It’s a breath of a fresh air from Milan’s sometimes stuffy bars, which often receive an A+ in design and an F in personality.

The quirky entrance stands out from its rather ordinary counterparts, and those who are curious enough to step inside are soon rewarded in a most unique way.

A dimmed atmosphere adds ambiance to the eccentric space, which is bursting at the seams with peculiar knick-knacks. Wind chimes and grapes hang from the ceiling, and a harp leans against a bright red wall.



Liquor is stored in bottles that resemble magical potions, or the infamous ‘Drink Me’ bottle from Alice in Wonderland. A picture of a witch on a broomstick makes you wonder whether a bit of hocus pocus actually takes place inside this mysterious little bar.


A serpent stands guard underneath a lampshade in the corner, eyeing up the most comfortable seat in the entire place.


The cocktails are elaborate and made with care at the bar, which happens to be an old piano.



A collision of clutter and character, Opera 33 is sure to “wow” – and if its one-of-a-kind decor fails to do so, you must be pretty impossible to impress.


Address: Via Carlo Farini, 33

Lynsey Free

Lynsey Free is founder and editor of Postcards from Milan. As a freelance journalist and copywriter, her work has been published on RT.com, RT television, Sky News, News Corp sites, and MyFox channels. She is based in Milan, Italy.

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A night at Opera 33: Bar offers potion-like brews & odd curiosities

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A night at Opera 33: Bar offers potion-like brews & odd curiosities

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