Maruzzella: Quite possibly the best pizza in all of Milan

Less is more. The famous expression applies to many areas in life – including Italian pizzas. So say goodbye to stuffed crust, pepperoni, pineapple, and anything else found inside a Pizza Hut. That nonsense doesn’t exist in Italy. Now say hello to Maruzzella, a Milan institution that knows how to make a real pizza.

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Often referred to as the “best pizza in Milan,” Maruzzella is the king of its craft. The dough is hand kneaded with love, and left to rise for 12 hours. The sauce is so good that it stands on its own. And although various toppings are offered, none are actually needed. The margherita pizza is perfect, and costs only €5.


Simplicity is key, so don’t be surprised when your pizza doesn’t look like anything special. Just taste it, and you’ll soon understand it’s not about appearance.

It only takes a second of watching the pizza oven in action to realize that making a delicious pie is a science…and the chefs at Maruzzella have cracked the code.

It’s an assembly line of pizzas, created to deal with the huge crowds that pour into the restaurant every day. This efficiency guarantees that you’ll never have to wait long for a seat – even if there’s a line spilling out the door.


No matter what you choose, the pizza prices are more than reasonable, ranging from €5 to €12. If you order a pizza with toppings, those will be used in moderation. Remember, it’s not about the garnish. It’s about the pizza itself…and the flavors should be a compliment to the pie, not used to overrule the base flavors.

Pasta, risottos, and main courses are also served.


Address: Piazza Guglielmo Oberdan, 3

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Maruzzella: Quite possibly the best pizza in all of Milan

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Maruzzella: Quite possibly the best pizza in all of Milan

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