Sant’Alessandro in Zebedia: An off-the-beaten-path treasure

There are no gondolas in Milan. There’s no ancient colosseum. There are no rustic inns welcoming you through a field of sunflowers. Often described as Italy’s ugliest child, Milan gets a bad rap. But anyone willing to extend past the Duomo will see that the city is actually full of hidden gems…you just have to look a bit harder for them. One of those gems is Sant’Alessandro in Zebedia.

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Located in a quiet piazza just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle, the Baroque cathedral dates back to the early 17th century. Trumpeting angels stand guard atop the church, their elaborate wings catching the gaze of passersby.


The inside is detailed with gilt, frescoes, and marble. A gorgeous altar and artwork by 18th century painters adorns the walls and ceiling.


Exquisite stained glass steals the show. Pay it one visit and you’ll soon realize that although the Duomo is certainly the king of Milan’s churches, its little sister is pretty impressive too.


In the corner of the piazza sits Bar Principe, a café with outdoor tables where you can soak in the architecture while sipping beer from a waiter who sings as he delivers it.


A lovely establishment called We ♥ Coffee can be found at the other end of the piazza. The café doesn’t offer outdoor seating, but they do have a takeaway window, so you can grab a goodie and sit on the steps of the cathedral. The inside offers a cozy atmosphere.


Address: Piazza Sant Alessandro, 1

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Sant’Alessandro in Zebedia: An off-the-beaten-path treasure

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Sant’Alessandro in Zebedia: An off-the-beaten-path treasure

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