Things to do

5 off-the-beaten-path (and free) Milan attractions

Milan is full of interesting things to do, but not all of them make it into the guide books. Here’s a list of five great (and free) things to do in the city.

‘Don’t eat fresh tomatoes in winter’ & other things learned at Italian cooking school

A lovely one-day Italian food course.

Santa Maria Presso Satiro: A church with an optical illusion

This beautiful church has a lot of things you’d expect to see in an Italian cathedral – and one thing you wouldn’t: an optical illusion.

QC Terme: A spa with a tram sauna & ancient Spanish walls

Stressed? A vintage tram awaits behind ancient city walls, ready to transport you from your troubles.

Sant’Alessandro in Zebedia: An off-the-beaten-path treasure

It’s not as elaborate as the Duomo, but this cathedral is still a work of art.

Pirelli’s HangarBicocca gallery is a favorite for art lovers

You probably won’t read about it any guide books, but that doesn’t mean HangarBicocca isn’t well worth a visit.

Funky food market thrives in abandoned warehouse

An abandoned warehouse in Navigli has been transformed into a culinary hotspot, offering up something for every palate.

Monumental Cemetery is Milan’s most dramatic resting place

With exquisite statues and elaborate monuments, you’ve never seen a graveyard so beautiful. Entry is free, so what are you waiting for?

Garibaldi station’s spectacular street art

Anyone who has stayed in a big city for even a few days knows that public transportation has its downfalls, among its many perks.